The innovative exhibition layout of tAS, lies in the coherent ability of exhibition designs to transcend the mere presentation of objects and products, into an experiential process that informs and educates while creating content and context of emotional engagement.​

The uniform triangle units are the basic shells developed into black and white clusters, allowing the contrasting nature of black and white to stand out and lead the visitors along the diagonal axis routes.


The unconventional floor plan maximizes orientation, while enabling the visitors to interact with the exhibitors, network and relax at short manageable intervals that counteract physical and mental fatigue.​


Lighting Pavillion & the ILLUMINATI curated booths

| organizers


+ Shadow

& Light Theme


This year’s theme will be architecture of shadow and its transformative and powerful nature, to accentuate materials, textures and dominating volumes. The entrance is an atmospheric aisle, that introduces the topic of light and shadow, allowing the visitors to explore freely the Illuminati Curated booths, where lighting installations and innovative designs emit the essence of materiality and illumination.​

Central media point and pop-up stores with magazines and web access to explore the latest trends in products and materials​

Color and future trends curated areas​

The Color|HUBS where the color and trends workshops will take place featuring distinctive hosts and color connoisseurs. At the very heart of all the curated events is the Color Forecasting process where the world’s leading color and design experts share, discuss, and explore color directions and influences.

Pottery and Barn Curated Bar & Lounge​

F&B design trends for the Y and Z Generation, molecular cocktails, finger food and gastronomy​

The Kitchen Edition curated booths that emphasize kitchen as a social and digital phenomenon.​

The kitchen as the molecular structure of the contemporary host, in the global

residential development. Free standing islands and kitchen units, featuring

innovative materials and trends, that transcend the kitchen design and functionality into the future of compact and sustainable lifestyle.

Topography workshop & conference lounge​

The topography workshop area is designed so that people are encouraged to interact in a more relaxed & unconventional way. Free form slabs as a metaphor of an urban theater, stools at the back to enjoy lectures while standing and drinking wine, molo walls & poufs, vitra furniture, curved benches following lines of architectural topography.

The Photographer’s EYE​

Curated exhibition that showcases materiality, textures and architectural works via distinctive Greek and international photographers’ lenses. The images will be selected and curated by the Design Ambassador, Archisearch and a selected team of advisors from the Architecture and Design field.


Three thematic axis:

1. Architecture of shadow

2. Materiality under the magnifying glass

3. Groundscapes and the futures of underground architecture


the Material museum​

What is the future of building materials, surfaces and smart technologies? A curated selection of the most innovative materials for sustainability and the future cities.​